Thursday, July 12, 2012


This blog is meant to "publish" the notes I took at Northwestern University between 1957 and 1961, plus other memorabilia that can be scanned and shared.  I would not be able to undertake this project, despite support from former classmates, because I have a lot of other things I'm doing, except that there is a convergence -- harmonic or not -- that I want to explore.  In some ways my life has been pursuing that convergence.  Maybe AK's was as well.

I nearly called this blog "The Fierce Old Lesbian," as one of her former students put it.  I think that much of her achievement evolved out of her struggle to come to terms with her own nature, even when it took her to the edge of collapse.  Struggle makes you stronger and more clear, or it takes you down.  Being heterosexual will not get a person off the hook.  It IS a hook.  And a lot of other things.  But a core of intimacy and identity often comes out of questions about sexuality.  She resolved her life by making it as large as humanity, for theatre in some form is wherever humans are.

My own struggle has been different -- to be strong enough to be unpartnered.   Because writing, unlike theatre, is a solitary pursuit.

More as we go along.

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