Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Clear fidelity:  his devotion to his master is passionate, unsubdue-able.  He has no vision of divine providence like Edgar.  His loyalty is like a desperate instinct which persists in spite of disaster.  His loyalty, his love, his devotion to truth and justice and charity are more intense and real out of sheer spirit of loyalty, unsupported by any faith which can be called theological.  He knows of no higher power than fortune and so he sings to the passionate instinct of right and wrong.  He sees and understands instinctively the loyalty of Cordelia.  He has an exquisite tenderness with a roughness and hardness necessary to protect.  He finds, nor needs, no refuge in communion with higher powers, in a crowd, or in religious optimism.  He knows the impossibility of combat without getting hurt.  He chooses participation rather than withdrawal.  

He is not a practical psychologist.  He acts.

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