Monday, February 18, 2013


On the set of Twelfth Night at Eagles Mere, 1980.  L to R, bottom row:  Sarajane Levey, Rod Nash, Marshall Mason, Dennis Parichy (behind Marshall), Claris Nelson, Mike McCourt, Robin Deck, Laird Williamson, Linda Radley, Dan DeMott, Gretchen Walther, Kate Emery, Vance Jefferis.

Three in between:  David Roberts, Penny Fuller, Nancy Kilmer.

Top row:  Jerry Zeismer (in the trellis), Russel Lunday, Dave Pressman, Ron Willoughby, Bonnie King, Wayne King, Miss Alvina Krause, Mike Griswold, Ron Dobrin. Mary Strachan, Faye Johnson, Dave Zegers, Bill Pogue.

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  1. Full cast photo marked "1980" should be "1960." Would we had all still looked like that in 1980...