Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Richard Benjamin

Richard Benjamin  NU  Shakespeare -- Richard?
Don't remember the other actor's name.

From Faye Prince (nee Johnson)   This is a photo of Dick Benjamin as Hotspur. Sarajane [Levy] was stage manager for “Henry IV, Part I”  I was her assistant and both of us were run ragged on that show.   Wasn’t Gary Vitale “Daddy Henry” and Paul Hardy “Son Hal Henry”?  Weldon Bleiler was Falstaff.  T

The show was characterized by high good humor.  At one point Paula [Ragusa] got furious with Dick [Benjamin] who played Hotspur.  she stormed up to him downstairs and stomped the fire out of his foot.  With great pain, Dick choked out,  “Oh, Paula, thou hast robbed me of my youth. . .”  And some wag nearly derailed Benjamin’s brain by muttering to him backstage,  “A crone, a crone, a rhop-ear, is it not?” before the entrance when Hotspur had to cry about his horse, “A roan, a roan, a crop-ear, is it not?’

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